White Creek Homes believe our customer testimonials say more for our company than we ever could.

White Creek Homes, Inc. designed and constructed a single family residence for my wife and me in 1999. The entire project from beginning to end was handled in a very professional manner by O.R. White and his crew. My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the craftsmanship and their attention to our ideas and input. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Accordingly, I would highly recommend White Creek Homes, Inc. In fact, I have been recommending O.R. to all of my clients and friends. Those that were fortunate enough to use O.R. understand what I mean by the term ‘pleasant experience’.

Tom - Berlin, Maryland

I cannot thank you enough for building the most beautiful house and home that I could have ever possibly dreamed of. You have taken the term of builder to another plateau; you are a ‘maestro’ among builders. You are an intelligent, reliable, dependable, and honorable man. What separates you from other builders is that you are not only extremely capable and experiences when it comes to the building process, but also a very talented architect. If something needed to be changed, you were sensitive to the aesthetics and architectural design as well as the strength, structure, and integrity of my house. My house was built throughout with the detailed craftsmanship of ‘Fit and Finish’.

I also want to thank you for taking my hand and walking me through the entire construction phase from beginning to end. You went above and beyond just being my builder. You made me feel that any question I had was a valid question. Therefore, when I made any decision whether large or small I felt confident in that decision. Any request that I had was never too much. You would do your best to accommodate any of my needs, wants, or desires that I had to achieve in my dream home while keeping my house sound, secure, and stable. After living here for a while and going through a few hurricanes, I know my house is solid as a rock!

I also want to mention your staff. Everyone was honorable, talented, qualified, and true craftsmen. They were a big part of building my house and making it a home. Ironically, when we reached the point of the punch-out, which by the way was expedited magnificently, I knew we were coming to an end which I was excited to be at, but at the same time found myself surprisingly sad. Everyone involved had become like family to me.

After building three other homes in my life, I had decided it would be a wise decision to interview builders. I knew it would be depending upon their quality of workmanship and also spending a lot of time with them. I interviewed with three builders to build my house and after one meeting with White Creek Homes, I knew that they were the ones for me. I would highly recommend anyone who was building a home that you are, without a doubt, the best and most qualified. O.R., thanks for making my visions come to life and making my dreams come true!

Denise - Ocean City, Maryland

After living in my new home for a year, I feel compelled to explain to you in writing, how pleased I am with your services as a contractor. The level of craftsmanship in my home is absolutely incredible, and after a year I have not been able to detect even the smallest flaw anywhere. I was also especially pleased at the professionalism displayed by you and your employees. I know it was not always east to work with a client who had no knowledge whatsoever of the building industry, but your patience and the patience of your staff greatly reduced the stress of the building process for me.

As you know, my home was recently featured in the magazine Coastal Style. Since its publication, the article has brought nothing but compliments on my home and its beauty, and I am proud to share its impressive quality with our community. My home truly fulfills all of my dreams.

I appreciate everything you have done for me as a client, and I am thoroughly impressed with your willingness to assist me with any issues I may have both now and in the future. If I ever need to build another structure, I will definitely be using your services. Thank you again for your superb work.

Lou - Bishopville, Maryland

We want to thank you and the White Creek Team for all the efforts put forth during the design and construction of our new retirement home.  Your firm is a rare commodity in today's construction market.  These days it is very seldom that a firm has the in-house resources to take a project from a blank sheet of paper to a work of art.  Your personal attention to the design and management of the project was a key to its success.  The White Creek field team and the select group of subcontractors and vendors that you employ work in unison to deliver a finished product that everyone on the Team can be proud of.  Since Maria and I both work full time in the Washington area your flexibility in meeting with us at our convenience was extremely helpful.  The time that you spent with us up front during the design and selection phases paid big dividends during the course of the entire project by minimizing potential construct-ability problems and unnecessary re-work.  At our initial meeting, before we even owned the lot, you showed up prepared with a copy of the plot plan.  We were extremely impressed during that meeting and it made our decision on which custom builder to use much easier.  Your experience and insight during the design phase was extremely helpful.  You managed to weigh in on an issue but allow us the freedom to make the final decision on which path to take.  The project close-out was painless.  All documentation was conveyed in an organized manner.  There were no additional charges that we were not previously aware of.  The few that we had were for additional work that we had requested.  Please feel free to use Maria or myself as references for potential customers.  We would be happy to answer and questions that potential clients may have about our experience with White Creek.  The house is always available as well for your use for potential customer tours.

As someone who has worked in commerical construction for 38 years, it was a breath of fresh air to work with a firm that does what it's supposed to do, when it is supposed to, and you don't have to be constantly worrying about quality, it is always there.  I would urge anyone who is considering building a custom home on the Eastern Shore to consider White Creek for the best overall value.

Jay - Fenwick Island, Delaware

We want to take an opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for the magnificent house you have built for us.

Every day we notice something else that reminds us of the thought, attention, and care that was shown during the entire process – from original drafting to the completion of the “punch” list!

Each visitor to our lovely home remarks on its quality construction and beautiful detail. We wish they could see the actual construction so they could appreciate what a solid foundation and frame Mike and the others so painstakingly accomplished.

And we cannot say enough how perfect the carpentry work is. There are no better custom craftsmen anywhere than Bob and Fred! We cannot list the number of times people remark about it.

Finally, thank you and Valerie for being so patient with us, guiding us, and always going the extra mile for us. We can honestly say that building this house has been a joyful experience!

Bob and Phyllis - Berlin, Maryland

O.R. White of White Creek Homes designed and built my house atBellerive Lanein the River Run Development inBerlin,MD.The entire process was quite satisfying and the home he built meets and exceeds my expectations.

I had no idea what kind of a house I wanted or could afford. He helped me design the house over about a five-month period and the resultant floor plan is perfect for my needs. I was primarily concerned with the floor plan, size of rooms, views, kitchen, and the flow of the house. With his help and suggestions we were able to design a house that fits my needs and the setting perfectly. I had no understanding of the engineering and structural requirements of the plans until construction began, at which time I realized that not only was the floor plan excellent, but the house was built amazingly well, also. I will not have any sagging floors or rooflines. My concern for the floor plan did not extend to the outside look of the house and I would have ended up living in a box except that O.R. designed the outside and gave it some character and a classical look. The design process was so thorough on his part that there were no changes to anything after construction began.

I live in Philadelphiaand was only able to see the house on weekends. Numerous people told me I needed to make sure of certain specifications, etc. Whenever I checked, I found that O.R. had met and usually exceeded what I was told. I never had to bring anything to his attention throughout construction. It was always done correctly and well the first time without any input from me and all I could do was tell him what a beautiful job he was doing.
Many of the components of the house; bathroom fixtures, roofing materials, flooring, cabinets, doors, and door knobs were determined by O.R.’s usual specifications and were of high quality and contribute to the well-built and excellent look for the house.

The house was built in a timely fashion and the structure itself was completed before the time he had estimated. At my final walk through there were no outstanding problems and everything was perfect. Since I took possession of the house, O.R. has continued to be helpful and even helped me move a few pieces of furniture in.

In short, I have a beautiful house thanks to him and he did a magnificent job. If I ever decide to build another house I will use him again.

Rich - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania