White Creek Homes can not say enough about the importance of design.

Building a new home is the largest financial investment most people make in a lifetime.  However, few understand how complex the process is until it is often too late.  There are so many opportunities and options available to you during the design process that are unavailable once the permitting and building process begin.  If these options are still available, in many cases they are now cost prohibitive not to mention the delays.  Changes easily made during the design process are often extremely difficult or impossible once completed in the field.  Our best projects are a collaboration of professionals, working under a client established common vision both financally and functionally, yet having enough creative flexiblity to conrtibute their ideas in an open team environment.

Our clients typically are not dropping off a set of plans to several builders for free estimates.  They understand that competitive bidding is not always in their best interest.  The pittfalls of competitive bidding are summarized well in this quote.

Competitive bids are just that! If I shave labor or materials to get your job, is that the house you really want? There are hundreds of ways to lower the price of building, which often lower the quality and workmanship also. The best drawings and specifications don’t protect you from poor trade practices. -The Well Built House by James Locke, Page 23

Our clients want a quality home, in all aspects, and are looking for an experienced professional that understands all the value components of a custom home.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about design. Please call 410-641-3602 to speak with someone today about what White Creek Homes can do for you or to schedule an appointment!